The Palace English Tea Collection

Ease into a blissful day with a cup of our distinguished English Breakfast tea full of hearty traditional flavours with a distinctive, invigorating base. This lovely tea, a blend of the fiest, full-bodied tea leaves is ideal for waking up to with a smile, and perfect throughout the day.

Handpicked from beautiful gardens hidden high in the foothills of the Himalayas this sophisticated black tea has a distinctive aromatic, floral flavour that evokes the beauty and mystique of the landscape it comes from. Pale golden in colour, delicate and enticing in taste, our Darjeeling will transport you back in time and place.

Distinctively fragrant and deliciously exotic, made from the finest Indian and Chinese tea leaves with tantalising notes of bergamot orange and floral tones; a cup of our Earl Grey is prerequisite for a luxuriant afternoon. Named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey in the 1830s this ever-so slightly decadent tea is a favourite amongst tea connoisseurs around the world.

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