The Palace Organic Tea Collection

Start the day with wings and a halo after a cup of our bright and perky Organic Breakfast tea. The light malty-honeyed base and tangy citrus notes are perfectly blended to create a medium-bodied, hearty tea crafted from the finest Assam tea leaves and smoother South Indian teas. Prepare to start the day impossibly cheerful after a cup of Organic Breakfast tea.

Named after British Prime Minister Earl Grey in the 1830s this popular and distinctive tea is a favourite amongst tea connoisseurs around the world. Our organic version of the classic tea has a lighter, more subtle flavour laced with lemony bergamot and slightly floral notes. This is an elegant, chic tea full of sunshine and gentle optimism.

A whole lot of pizazz in a cup, our Organic Mint tea is a vibrant mix of dark, tightly balled gunpowder green tea leaves from China artfully blended with refreshing, cool peppermint leaves from Oregon. This tea will bounce off your taste buds and leave you feeling minty fresh and energised. It is a great tea for a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up.

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