The Palace Sensory Tea Collection

Indulgent, smooth and rich, in fact, utterly wicked without the calories, this tea is destined to delight everyone. The strong, bold flavours combining tea and dark chocolate are eminently exotic and supremely sophisticated; heaven in a cup. Perfect for anytime of the day when a little extravagance is in order.

Sleep sweeter with our blissfully soothing, floral and delicate Chamomile tea, which calms your soul while delighting your taste buds, and has health boosting properties too. Crafted from a blend of beautiful, handpicked Egyptian Chamomile flowers, a cup of this tea contains a little piece of summer, lightness, freshness and total relaxation. Drink throughout the day, but to best effect before bedtime.

This organic, handpicked green tea from Southern India is full of mellow and refreshing flavour with base notes of greenness and a delicate lemongrass and citrus, orange flower twist. Stimulating and sure to awaken your senses, this tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants.

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